1. WE ARE TOO BUSY RUNNING THE RAT RACE: Most of us humans are very busy in our VIP lives, attached to stuff and schedules and obligations, and are left with…. no time to do what really makes us feel alive. We live to work instead of working to live.

2. WE ARE SURROUNDED BY PEOPLE WHO LOST THEIR OWN DREAMS: We listen too much to the neigh-Sayers and the pessimistic of this worlds, who certainly don’t want you to succeed at what they can’t do: go for your dreams and make it happen.

3. HUMANS ARE INHERENTLY LAZY: Sometimes, in moments of brightness, we still go for a dream…. Only to end up abandoning it. Why? Well, because really, most of us humans (me included) are by nature lazy and weak minded. We are inherently built to minimize effort and suffering, and mostly settle for the easy low hanging fruit.

4. WE MAKE EXCUSES: I’m too young, I’m too old, I can’t possibly start now, it’s too late, it’s too early, it’s impossible, it’s too dangerous, it’s too expensive…

5. WE LOSE OUR FOCUS: Yes, we are lazy and weak, especially….. when we are hungry, tired, challenged, unsure, scared, angry, or just emotional. Remember that morning when you had planned to go run in the morning and you just stayed in bed because it was “cold” and “dark” outside. Stay focus and follow your plan.

6. WE ARE NOT GOOD AT SAYING “NO”: Most of the road blocks from our inability to say NO. Many distractions are in the way and we are just too weak to refute them: remember that time when you wanted to work/study/train/focus… but decided to watch another episode of “Lost” or “Dexter” or stay in bed?

7. WE FEEL OVERWHELMED: Dreams are great, and it would be so nice to realize them…., but where do I start? How do I make the time? How do I finance it and find the money? How do I make it fit in my family life? What type of training should I follow? What nutrition is optimum for that challenge?…. So many questions, and it seems so far!…


Together with CDX Pro, in a 5-step strategy, you will state your objectives in aLetter of Intention, describing in details your objectives and how you plan to make it happen (We will make sure you are well fed, rested, and emotionally stable when you do that, haha).

  1. Define your GOALS
  2. Identify the ROAD BLOCKS
  3. Create a ROAD MAP with achievable stepping stones
  4. Make it HAPPEN!
  5. Post success analysis – WHAT NEXT ?

CDX Pro will constantly be here to remind you of your own goals and keep you accountable:

  • Once your plans are written, you “just” have to follow them. No matter what your mind will say: don’t listen to yourself when you are tired, hungry, emotional….
  • Learn to say “yes” or “no” in the appropriate situations.
  • People might tell you that you are crazy. Do not listen to the outside noise…. Believe me, I’ve been there!
  • CDX Pro will help you to focus, and re-focus, and re-focus, etc.


  • All offers of coaching services are fully customizable to fit your needs and your particular objective to reach.
  • Coaching is available by appointment, face-to-face or via video conference. Sessions are of 1 to 2 hours. Phone support is available as needed between session.
  • The ultimate target of our work together is to make your personal goal a reality, no matter what that objective might be.

Using keys I have gathered along my own life path, CDX Pro will deliver simple to-do actions, facilitating an almost immediate impact.

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