“Deep inside our mind, all of us have a dream/project we really want to do”…

… We really want to do it, but we can’t “just yet”… We are always too busy running the rat race. So what do we do in 90% of the cases: we just add it to our bucket list, and hope to do it “someday…”, “before we die”…

“I want to help you STOP that dynamic and start making things HAPPEN”. 

So ask yourself, DO YOU really want to…

  • Run that marathon or a triathlon before next year? Hike that amazing trail? Climb that daring mountain? = I’ll guide you with intermediate goals, with training routine, with nutrition and hydration, with choosing the right equipment, etc.
  • Take a year off to travel the world or go sail around the world? = I’ll help you define the project, make room in your life for it, raise or save the money to be able to finance it, etc.
  • Learn a new language? Go study abroad? Finally live overseas in that country that you just can’t have enough of? = I’ve done it more than 5 times and will give you a road-map on how to do it yourself, with perseverance and discipline,… and fun!


Having a big dream and making it happen: I, Cyril, have done it many times.

This is why I created CDX Pro, a one-on-one coaching service which goal is very simple: “I will help you do whatever you want to do, no matter what”.

“The world is yours and I want to help you take it. I have done it and I can show you the way“. 

I truly want you to “BE YOUR AMAZING SELF“, stop dreaming and start doing. Because trust me, once you start doing, you will feel in your deepest core how amazing you really are. From that moment on, you will just keep going!

“First they will ask you why you are doing it, then they will ask you how you did it”

If this introductory statement speaks to you, I would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with me by email